Common Vacuum Cleaners Shopping Mistakes To Avoid


Vacuum cleaners have become the household cleaning staples since they can be used to sweep the hard floors and clean up the upholstery, along with carpet cleaning. Nonetheless, these vacuum cleaners hold great importance (and are pretty expensive, as well). If you are frisky over cleaning, vacuuming can actually be a satisfying activity for you.

Sorry to pop your bubble, but one needs the right vacuum cleaner to have that fun. That’s to say, because the market is loaded with a massive range of vacuum cleaners. So, we have outlined some petty mistakes that people make while buying a vacuum cleaner, so you don’t find yourself in the pit of regret and frustration (and get the value of your money!). Let’s start, shall we?

High Wattage Doesn’t Mean High Suction 

Suction and wattage aren’t directly proportional, and it’s high time that everyone understands these concerns. Wattage defines the power consumption by the motor rather than the suction delivery son the floor. Also, before you nod to that salesman at the for, make sure that you check the machine design, preferably the one with low airflow rating that portrays better performance even when the cup is filled with dust and dirt. 

Heavy On Your Shoulders

You might think that your back or shoulders can manage that load, but you don’t want yourself gasping for air after five minutes of vacuuming just because the vacuum cleaner is too heavy. As a woman, you must not opt for a vacuum cleaner that’s heavier than 4.5kg. In addition, go for high suction and an ergonomic design for better productivity. 

Sucking Up Water

So, your toddler tripped on the water beaker, and now there is a little water puddle on the floor. You ponder if you could clean it up with a vacuum cleaner because salesman named it “water-safe.” It is advised to avoid water while using a vacuum cleaner at all costs because vacuums with bypass motor will stop working. Also, these motors don’t have a water warranty, so be modest about that. 


Vacuum cleaners that are too noisy will create a dreadful experience. While reading through the specs, make sure you research about the decibels because the noise will drive you crazy. You must never trust the low decibel readings because they tend to be different for every user. So, always test the vacuum cleaner and its sound before handing over the cash. 

Expensive Accessories 

You might think that investing in vacuum cleaners with obscenely expensive and hard to find accessories are cool but wait for the time when you actually have to buy that spare part. In this case, it is better to buy the vacuum cleaner from a branded outlet, so you can purchase the accessories and spare parts later when need be. 

Taking Care of Allergies

If you have sensitivity issues and can easily get allergies through pollens and dust particles, it is better to opt for a vacuum cleaner that comes with HEPA filters. These filters remove 99.97% of the dust and pollen particles. In addition, you can look out for an anti-allergen complete seal technology to save yourself from that sneezing, so you can create a positive household vision

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